Monday, December 27, 2004

I can't believe I didn't post yesterday....

Gah! The first time I didn't post since October! Oh, well. At least I have a good excuse. On Saturday I got an iMac G5, which is incredibly cool. This year presents were a lot more fair than they normally are. Usually I get about half of all the presents, which I enjoyed, but I always felt really guilty. This year my dad and my sister each had more presents than me, so I was able to enjoy the holiday a bit more.

So let's see if I can remember what I got:
  • iMac G5
  • Video Production Suite (Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion)
  • Microsoft Office for Mac
  • Boogers are My Beat by Dave Barry
  • Mad About the Oscars by The Usual Gang of Idiots (Mad Mag writers)
  • Mario Power Tennis for Gamecube
  • Arrested Development DVDs
  • 24 Season 3 DVDs
  • iPod FM Transmitter

That's all I can really remember. Oh, well. Overall, it was a good haul. And as for not posting yesterday, I feel less guilty now because Kit did the same thing. We're even.


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